The Fall (feat. MC)

from by Tae Miles



The Fall
(produced by Dauphin Amir)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

Gotta get my, gotta get my
Gotta get my bag, bag
Time for me to, Time for me to
Time for me to fall back, whoa
Fallin' in love, been there, did that
Hard to get out
Long day of life sure goon wear me out
Love is just one comfortable ass couch, whoa

But i'm still f*ckin with the feelin'
But, see, last time it almost killed me, yeah
I'm just tryna keep it cool as I possibly can
But a nigga trine get paid, 'noter day another dollar
Boo, you gotta find another man, yeah

yeah, but I tell you what..
Give me 'bout a couple years + a few months
Ima be good to go, whoa
Maybe we can do sum'm
I apologize, baby, Let's do lunch
Lucid Dreamin' looking' through yo pupils
Singing Luther "Never too much, Never too much!"

[If I fell in love with you, it could be good for you,
but not for me..
I would love to love ya, but I can't
Ya still sweet as a tangerine, baby
I'm too young + dumb to be thinking' about
Raisin' a family
Maybe we so close 'cause we both believe that
We can live out a dream] 2x

noooooooooooo! (the fall)

Looks like I've fallen + I cannot get up
Can't even fight it anymore, but we straight
Make me wanna spend all my time at home
You only call the house phone anyway
[+ she was like]
"Hold on
Falling in love, it could be a bumpy ride
Don't tell
No one else about these feelings thats inside"
"'cause I'm not prepared for what's goin' down..
Goin' down.. It's all bad.

Somethin' happened to me + I can not explain
But it's such a beautiful feeling I can't complain, yeah
I'm actually grateful, yeah
So i gotta be faithful, yeah [2x]

dialogue from Michael Turner
background vocals by MC


from CurlPattern, released June 19, 2016
(produced by Dauphin Amir)



all rights reserved


Tae Miles Cleveland, Ohio

22 year old Recording Artist, Songwriter + Producer.

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