from by Tae Miles



(produced by Will C.)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

You too perfect for me, yeah, that ain't nothing' new
Wonderin' where you at, ridden' down the avenue, yeah.
Lord knows how bad i wanted to be back witch
But i got a lot of growing up to do, I got a lot of growing up to do, yeah (2x)

Look, i know you bout hate me (hey)
Think it's time for separation (hey)
Tell your ugly friends to stay in they places,
I still want you to have my baby (hey)
Probably never gonna happen (hey)
All of this sh*t that don happened (hey)
She was like "Tae, how you gon tell me you love me,
Turn around + backstab me?" (hey)
All I did was say "I can't" (hey)
Guess you can say I'm the blame (hey)
Please you, feed you, tease
All of that sh*t was the aim (hey)
And to add on to that sh*T (hey)
White man got his foot on my neck (hey)
So we can dress up in our best, but I
Can't even pick up the check (no


Not lyin', I really want ya (hey)
Didn't wanna let you go (hey)
When I got on my flight to California,
I knew you knew we had to grow (hey)
Boo, I know you disappointed (hey)
But what'd you want me to say? (hey)
We gon look back at this sh*t and laugh at it
While we chillin' in our new place (hey)
Don't be surprised, but the truth is I can't wait to take your hand (hey)
Get on one knee + everythang (hey)
I wanna be your man (hey)
But the way the circumstances is (hey)
i think i'm too IMX (hey)
Promise Ima get my head right , yeah
Baby, I love you to death, yeah.



from CurlPattern, released June 19, 2016
(produced by Will C. of Lumiere)



all rights reserved


Tae Miles Cleveland, Ohio

22 year old Recording Artist, Songwriter + Producer.

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