Hey Beautiful, It's All Love (La'Gera Labeaud)

from by Tae Miles



Hey Beautiful
(produced by Tae Miles + INTLMC)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

Hey Hey Hey! We up in this hoe
Hellie time up under the belt
Felt like we were here before
Bipolar disorder, she love me + then she hate me
But it's sexy how my Goddess flip out
Something like a centerfold
Hey Hey Hey! Ain't no stopping us
We both laugh together
Watchin how these hoes be popin' up
And they got binoculars
"Figaro, Figaro!" Makin' love in the Phantom
She singing' Opera
What more can i say other than you amazing
Sugar, spice + everything baby
Sweet Casian
And you know she smoke the herb (gotta keep blazin')
Gotcha open like Speedway, all night
She whispered to me "Please stay all night" yeah
Shit, it'll be lit. I think it'll be lit up..
I guess we kicking' it.

Sometimes I wonder if you're just a little
Too much for me to handle-handle, yeah
(I never had) Someone so beautiful
So i guess you gotta show me the ropes, yeah!
Tell me what it's like to live a life around a Goddess-Goddess..
I wish i could put it into words,
but i will say you gotta try it-try it!

you're so beautiful, so beautiful :)


La'Gera Labeaud:
Oh I done waited on this for too long
So glad I discovered peace on my own
People are so quick to string you along
Just in hopes that one day they can look down on ya
People always throwing shade
Not everybody wish the best for ya
But the beauty in these points I made
is that it's up to you if you let that control ya
& I say no
Yea all that sh** you did to me, Ima let that go
Ain't got no time to be better yea so Ima let that slide homie
& matter fact, on top of that see I wish you the best homie
It's All Love
It's All Love, It's All Love

Tae Miles:
Why you gotta act like that?
I'm just trine get this record contract..
If i get this right, maybe we can
Move to the bahamaaaaaaaaaaaas
I got way too much on my plate to be trine go on dates
Soon she's gon be leaving' out of that gate
and it's gonna be too late
Almost finished, all I need is like 2 more takes
Wait a minute, for Christ's sakes
The fact that i gotta choose between you + the music is
thee only thing i hate
I'm just trying to give you the world
On a silver platter
You gon know when i kiss you, girl,
That nothing really matters but you.. you.. you…
I'm a hopeless romantic, boo. Whatchu want me to do.. do.. do..?
+ I never meant to hurt you or nothing' but I'm trine get them M's baby..
While I'm walkin' down the red carpet with all this sauce dripping like
Kim's, baby..
It's All Love, It's All Love, It's All Love..


from CurlPattern, released June 19, 2016
(produced by Tae Miles + INTLMC)



all rights reserved


Tae Miles Cleveland, Ohio

22 year old Recording Artist, Songwriter + Producer.

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