Comet (feat. Billie Mitchell + Dave Love)

from by Tae Miles



(produced by Mathaius Young)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

Pay me no attention, you can pay me no mind
It's Harmless-less- It's harmless
Just know that when that time come, baby, we gon fly
Like comets, yeahhh
And I pray that you be with me when the stars align
The sky lit-lit- The sky lit
Just do what you wanna do 'cause the sun goon shine
Regardless, yeahhh

Do whatever wash the pain away…
Do whatever make you feel real good inside.
You might even have to recreate yo lane
'Cause these niggas goon be saying "Who" "What" "When" + "Why"
But its never none of they business, but they steady in they feelings..
Baby, why you think it rain every time you cry?
'Cause you the powerhouse, the coldest ever, the cats pajamas,
A bad mama jama, the bee's knees..
My lil philly from 'round the way, full of the glamour


Dave Love:
Glorify the coconut rub
That moisturize yo' Curl Pattern,
That moisturize yo' Curl Pattern…
and praise be to the fingers that
Mix the milk + honey for yo' Curl Pattern.
Mositurize yo' Curl Pattern,
That moisturize yo' Curl Pattern..

(Billie Mitchell's background vocals are chanting "Moments of Love")



from CurlPattern, released June 19, 2016
(produced by Mathaius Young)




Tae Miles Cleveland, Ohio

22 year old Recording Artist, Songwriter + Producer.

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