Assholes Unite

from by Tae Miles



Asshole Unite
(produced by Will C. of Lumiere)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

I'm not even gonna take that long, no
I don't need to, need to, no
Tryna get lil' mama down to her thong, yeah
Then, I gotta leave you
How could you possibly think that I could stay
When you know that i know that I got another show every day
What's wrong with these women these days?
Nothing at all, I think they just play dumb
Well tell em to go back wherever they came from
Women, can't live with 'em
Can't live without 'em, gone fission', gone swimming'
Whoa, I gotta find some new love
Did it, Woulf what's the mission?
Feelin' sick + these women be like pennisilin
Whoa, that kinda sound like crew love
Where do you possibly think that I would go
When yo' love is one of a kind
WTF am I leaving you fo'?
Go ahead + close that do'
'Cause you're the only one for me, you know this
And I know I'm not alone on this

[Assholes [Unite (12x)]4x

Everything be a ok
Then you gotta f*ck it up, up, up, up
Oh, I'm sorry
But baby, gotta tell the God honest truth to you
'Cause you deserve ('cause you deserve it)
Cause you deserve it, yeah you deserve
The finer things in life and 9 times out of 10
I can't provide it but I…
I believe in you girl
Rubbin' on yo feet for you, girl
Nobody competes with you, girl
Better believe Ima be carrying my Queen
Whenever i gotta leave the coupe, yeah

..but Im a asshole.


from CurlPattern, released June 19, 2016
(produced by Will C. of Lumiere)



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Tae Miles Cleveland, Ohio

22 year old Recording Artist, Songwriter + Producer.

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