by Tae Miles

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postinghouse I drive Uber and Lyft in the Cleveland Market and had the privilege of meeting Tae and getting turned onto his music. I have been promoting him every time I drive for more than a year now - And he finds a fan in EVERY person who hears him!!! It's a real easy 'sale' on my end, I just ask if they'd like to hear a local Cleveland artist who's under-recognized and should be famous... To be honest, I just found out about CurlPattern tonight and immediately purchased it, I can't wait to hear it all! Favorite track: Andromeda Departure.
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    Tae Miles and Captain Akhenaten are two extraterrestrials from The Great Andromeda Nebula. Listen as these two float off on a voyage to be exposed to true black love, a love Tae has yet to experience.

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-for the Queens of the galaxy.


released June 19, 2016

Narrated by Michael Turner
Hosted by DJ Coop
engineered by: Antoine Christopher

Front Art: Shon Rosewood
Back Art: Armoni Corbett



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Tae Miles Cleveland, Ohio

22 year old Recording Artist, Songwriter + Producer.

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Track Name: Comet (feat. Billie Mitchell + Dave Love)
(produced by Mathaius Young)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

Pay me no attention, you can pay me no mind
It's Harmless-less- It's harmless
Just know that when that time come, baby, we gon fly
Like comets, yeahhh
And I pray that you be with me when the stars align
The sky lit-lit- The sky lit
Just do what you wanna do 'cause the sun goon shine
Regardless, yeahhh

Do whatever wash the pain away…
Do whatever make you feel real good inside.
You might even have to recreate yo lane
'Cause these niggas goon be saying "Who" "What" "When" + "Why"
But its never none of they business, but they steady in they feelings..
Baby, why you think it rain every time you cry?
'Cause you the powerhouse, the coldest ever, the cats pajamas,
A bad mama jama, the bee's knees..
My lil philly from 'round the way, full of the glamour


Dave Love:
Glorify the coconut rub
That moisturize yo' Curl Pattern,
That moisturize yo' Curl Pattern…
and praise be to the fingers that
Mix the milk + honey for yo' Curl Pattern.
Mositurize yo' Curl Pattern,
That moisturize yo' Curl Pattern..

(Billie Mitchell's background vocals are chanting "Moments of Love")

Track Name: Summertime Thing (feat. HOLY)
Summertime Thing (feat. HOLY)
(produced by A/V)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]


Can you be my summertime thing?
(Hot) sexy girl (God) Blessed you girl
I wish you could be mines forever
Ride or die type of chick, play my side like Coretta
We King + Queen, I had a dram and seen you
Girl you glowing', your gleam it seems jeweled
You a diamond in the sky, Sun shinin' in my eye
Let them other niggas run game
Girl i swear it ain't no promise in them lies
I'm real with some good conversation if it's time to kill
You trine freak, I got the wine on chill
I'll throw a record on.. Prolly some Roy Ayers
I do this just for you, don't think ya boy player…
Damn we on it.
Wish you could be mine forever
But I'm happy that you're mines for the moment
My summertime thing…

Babygirl it's
Unnecessary for you to be sittin' there
Wondering what they got on you..
Now, she hollin 'cause she noticed how the
Competition hollographic, gaaaahtdammit.
she's my
Sunshine, sunshine, summertime thing-thing
she's my
Sunshine, sunshine, summertime thing-thing-thing

Baby got my soul on Nebula
Clockin her options + she sho got several
EC booty with the Beachwood etiquette
Reputation: put them dirty hoes backs against the ropes
Well shit.. "Down goes Frasier!"
Hold up, sweetie. Holy hit me on the pager
Talkin bout 'I met bae + ima marry her today 'cause
She can go weeks + won't need no makeup'
I tell em 'Bet she ain't got shit on mines!'
Reminiscin' in my mind
'bout my Mrs. Make Them Bitches Get in Line
Stylin' in them Jimmy Choos, Louboutins,
Mama got a million shoes
Her MAC smeared on my Ralph Lauren
Later on that night, Pap Smear
I can go on + on about it.
I been hollin.
Cleveland nigga shown off a seasonal trophy. I'm
Grateful that she know me though
That's when he told me 'Shit, I want you to meet my
lady a.k.a Goddess for the Meanwhile'
Long story short, you prolly won't be surprised,
We been f*ckin with the same thot at the same time
Gotdamn… I say Gotdamn.. this is unforgivable
You know, but I can forget about this whole thing
If you promise to give me more-give me more..
Gotdamn… I say Gotdamn.. this is unforgivable
You know, but I can forget about this whole thing
If you promise to give me more-give me more..

[Chorus] 2x
Track Name: The Fall (feat. MC)
The Fall
(produced by Dauphin Amir)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

Gotta get my, gotta get my
Gotta get my bag, bag
Time for me to, Time for me to
Time for me to fall back, whoa
Fallin' in love, been there, did that
Hard to get out
Long day of life sure goon wear me out
Love is just one comfortable ass couch, whoa

But i'm still f*ckin with the feelin'
But, see, last time it almost killed me, yeah
I'm just tryna keep it cool as I possibly can
But a nigga trine get paid, 'noter day another dollar
Boo, you gotta find another man, yeah

yeah, but I tell you what..
Give me 'bout a couple years + a few months
Ima be good to go, whoa
Maybe we can do sum'm
I apologize, baby, Let's do lunch
Lucid Dreamin' looking' through yo pupils
Singing Luther "Never too much, Never too much!"

[If I fell in love with you, it could be good for you,
but not for me..
I would love to love ya, but I can't
Ya still sweet as a tangerine, baby
I'm too young + dumb to be thinking' about
Raisin' a family
Maybe we so close 'cause we both believe that
We can live out a dream] 2x

noooooooooooo! (the fall)

Looks like I've fallen + I cannot get up
Can't even fight it anymore, but we straight
Make me wanna spend all my time at home
You only call the house phone anyway
[+ she was like]
"Hold on
Falling in love, it could be a bumpy ride
Don't tell
No one else about these feelings thats inside"
"'cause I'm not prepared for what's goin' down..
Goin' down.. It's all bad.

Somethin' happened to me + I can not explain
But it's such a beautiful feeling I can't complain, yeah
I'm actually grateful, yeah
So i gotta be faithful, yeah [2x]

dialogue from Michael Turner
background vocals by MC
Track Name: IMX
(produced by Will C.)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

You too perfect for me, yeah, that ain't nothing' new
Wonderin' where you at, ridden' down the avenue, yeah.
Lord knows how bad i wanted to be back witch
But i got a lot of growing up to do, I got a lot of growing up to do, yeah (2x)

Look, i know you bout hate me (hey)
Think it's time for separation (hey)
Tell your ugly friends to stay in they places,
I still want you to have my baby (hey)
Probably never gonna happen (hey)
All of this sh*t that don happened (hey)
She was like "Tae, how you gon tell me you love me,
Turn around + backstab me?" (hey)
All I did was say "I can't" (hey)
Guess you can say I'm the blame (hey)
Please you, feed you, tease
All of that sh*t was the aim (hey)
And to add on to that sh*T (hey)
White man got his foot on my neck (hey)
So we can dress up in our best, but I
Can't even pick up the check (no


Not lyin', I really want ya (hey)
Didn't wanna let you go (hey)
When I got on my flight to California,
I knew you knew we had to grow (hey)
Boo, I know you disappointed (hey)
But what'd you want me to say? (hey)
We gon look back at this sh*t and laugh at it
While we chillin' in our new place (hey)
Don't be surprised, but the truth is I can't wait to take your hand (hey)
Get on one knee + everythang (hey)
I wanna be your man (hey)
But the way the circumstances is (hey)
i think i'm too IMX (hey)
Promise Ima get my head right , yeah
Baby, I love you to death, yeah.

Track Name: Assholes Unite
Asshole Unite
(produced by Will C. of Lumiere)
[engineered by Antoine Christopher]

I'm not even gonna take that long, no
I don't need to, need to, no
Tryna get lil' mama down to her thong, yeah
Then, I gotta leave you
How could you possibly think that I could stay
When you know that i know that I got another show every day
What's wrong with these women these days?
Nothing at all, I think they just play dumb
Well tell em to go back wherever they came from
Women, can't live with 'em
Can't live without 'em, gone fission', gone swimming'
Whoa, I gotta find some new love
Did it, Woulf what's the mission?
Feelin' sick + these women be like pennisilin
Whoa, that kinda sound like crew love
Where do you possibly think that I would go
When yo' love is one of a kind
WTF am I leaving you fo'?
Go ahead + close that do'
'Cause you're the only one for me, you know this
And I know I'm not alone on this

[Assholes [Unite (12x)]4x

Everything be a ok
Then you gotta f*ck it up, up, up, up
Oh, I'm sorry
But baby, gotta tell the God honest truth to you
'Cause you deserve ('cause you deserve it)
Cause you deserve it, yeah you deserve
The finer things in life and 9 times out of 10
I can't provide it but I…
I believe in you girl
Rubbin' on yo feet for you, girl
Nobody competes with you, girl
Better believe Ima be carrying my Queen
Whenever i gotta leave the coupe, yeah

..but Im a asshole.